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Pay Per Click “PPC” advertising is one of the fastest and most efficient way to target the most relevant buyers using specific strategies and budgets. It allows businesses to show their ads on the search engines to people who are searching for their products or services.

We’ve extensive experience in creating and managing all types of PPC campaigns on Google Ads network, Microsoft (Bing) Ads network, and Programmatic platforms across several business sectors. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, Our PPC specialists and content writers will focus on your success and help reach your goals with the perfect balance of smart,  search, Retargeting, Video, and Display campaigns.

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Start Achieving Greater ROI% on your Paid Campaigns Investment with our PPC Management Packages.

PPC Management Services

We create and implement custom PPC campaigns to help you significantly generate high-quality traffic to your website/online store and increase both lead conversions and revenue for your company. Our PPC campaigns, promoting your products or services, place these on search engines, price comparison websites, targeted content sites, heavily-trafficked websites, and more. With our services, your Google ads or Bing ads will be on the front page of search engines instantly after setup. 

Check out our pay-per-click management pricing table below to see what’s included in each of our PPC service plans, and to learn more about how paid ads can drive results for your business.

CiiAction PPC Management Services

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PPC Content Services

We create a growth-focused content strategy for your PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts & content team are working together to come up with optimized messaging that converts considering high-performing keywords in your industry.

Our PPC Services Plans

Get your dedicated PPC & Content specialists at CiiAction with our monthly packages. We also offer custom solutions for your specific needs.


Great for business starter


+Instial Invistment: $750

$0 - $6,000/month ad spending
Up to 2 Landing Pages
Google Ads & Bing Networks
Up to 3,000 keywords targeted
Strategic bid management
CPC- setup
PPC Ad Copies & All Extensions


Great for small business



$6,001 - $12,000/month ad spending
Up to 5 Landing Pages
Google Ads & Bing Networks, plus Google Shopping
Banner ad design
Up to 10,000 keywords targeted
Rule-based bidding management


Great for big business

CUSTOMContact us

+InstaInitial Investment:: $1,000

Unlimited ad spending
Unlimited Landing pages
Unlimited Campaign types
Up to 10,000 keywords targeted
A Deducted Team to Handle your Account
Website conversion analysis reporting

PPC Management Services

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