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To Upgrade Your Employees' Skills

Expert-led Onsite & Live Corporate Training Courses

Whether you represent a public organization or a private business, we have a solution for your learning and development needs. Our expert-led training courses are available for several convenient delivery options including onsite and virtual classes.

Turn Your Training Into Results

with a Qualified Corporate Trainers in Canada

Let's start with a free assessment of your team's needs and discuss your objectives. We can design the right programs and help your employees master critical technology, business, and leadership skills to add immediate value to your organization. Our goal is to turn your training into results by making our programs relevant, practical, expert-led, and of high quality.

Tell us about your team's needs.

Why CiiAction Corporate Training Programs

Advance your skills and stay ahead of your competitors.

Since 2016, our IT and management training programs have delivered the highest-rated corporate training programs, establishing CiiAction as a trusted resource for organizations looking to improve their workforce’s skills and knowledge. We have extensive experience developing curricula for a wide range of instructor-led professional contexts, such as on-site at your office facility and/or live online. All of our programs are hands-on, designed with practical demonstrations and discussions on industry use cases. This makes our trainees more engaged with a focus on real-world applications that can be immediately applied to their jobs. Our commitment to delivering high-quality training programs has earned us a reputation as a leading corporate training company, with consistently high ratings and positive feedback from our clients.

Corporate Training in Montreal
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Our team of experienced instructors are delivering a range of programs, including IT and modern workplace training courses covering topics such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce Admin, cloud computing, software development, and data analytics, as well as management courses focused on leadership, project management, and communication skills. However, we understand that courses should depend on the company’s specific needs and the industry they operate in. As a result, our corporate training programs can be completely customized to meet the specific needs of your team. We can support you in assessing your needs and then selecting and customizing training programs that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization and its employees to ensure the best results. We will also assist you in implementing the new knowledge and generating immediate value from your training. 

The CiiAction Corporate Training Experience

Professional Employee Training with Greater Value

industry-standard Courses

All courses are selected, developed, updated, and Led by subject matter experts in an interactive and immersive learning experience.

Custom Training Programs

Our training can be tailored to your needs. Call us for a free skill-gap analysis for your employees catered to your objectives and industry-specific requirements.

Engaging Learning Experience

Upskill with practical exercises & live instructor-led training guaranteed to maximize the value of the training and to realize your objectives.

implementation Support

Trainees receive comprehensive support materials, videos, and coaching sessions after the training to help implement the new learning and generate a greater value for their organization.

100% money-back guarantee

If you think the training you have bought isn't of an acceptable standard, or isn't fit for purpose, or doesn't match our description, let us know within 10 days and we’ll return your money in full.

Minimize your Training Spend

With the flexibility afforded by our virtual classes, you'll get the same quality learning as you would find in the onsite training. You then get affordable high-quality training for your employees.

What is Corporate Training?

CiiAction Corporate Training Solutions

In today’s constantly changing environments, organizations want employees who are equipped with the right skills for planning and leading their operations and improvement initiatives. Manny organizations then try to continually develop their employees and this has positive impact on the bottom line. A study conducted by Association for Talent Development (ATD), showed that companies that are investing in training have better retention and 24% higher profit margins. This makes corporate learning critical to surviving and gaining better performance levels. Therefore, investing in your employee development is indeed a value-adding investment in your future success.

These critical skills are dynamic and need to be developed with the right subject-matter experts, curriculum, and learning experience.

CiiAction's Corporate Training Solutions

Designed by our Corporate Trainers to Drive Business Results.
Top Corporate training programs

Our corporate training experts design and deliver over 100 training programs across a wide range of disciplines including IT, analytics, management, and leadership. Our programs are hands-on and designed to upskill your staff through building the skills needed for leading effectively your strategy and digital transformation projects as well as supporting your new leaders for a specific role. 

Through transformational learning experiences, we’re delivering tangible improvements to organizations through our corporate training programs. We can build and advance your employees’ technical and management skills that will increase the impact of employees in their existing roles or prepare them for a brand new role.

Corporate Training Services

Upskill your Workforce with an Effective Learning Environment and Advanced Tools.

We offer in-person and live online courses and provide customized training solutions based on your needs.  To ensure effective implementation for the new learning, we provide coaching sessions to each attendee following the completion of a course.

Corporate Skill-gap Analysis

Skill-gap Analysis will help you plan data-driven training programs and add real value to your organization’s strategy. In our initial assessment, we provide a free skill-gap analysis for your employees in relation to the business objectives and highlight skills that require additional training or practice. CiiAction provides intensive and practical training programs to help organizations and businesses improve performance and close the skill gap!

Interested in Closing the Skills Gap for Your team with our corporate training programs?

Corporate Training Delivery Options

Live Online Corporate Courses

  • Live online training with expert-trainee interaction
  • Select from our courses or customize your training based on our free skill-gap analysis
  • Flexible scheduling and discounts for groups of more than two.

Onsite Corporate Training Programs

  • Expert-led onsite training at your offices or at an offsite venue near you.
  • Select from our courses or customize your training based on a skill-gap analysis.
  • Flexible scheduling and discounts for groups of more than three. 

Corporate Business and IT Skills Training

Earn New Skills - Advance Your Career, Team, and Organization

Upskill or reskill your workforce with practical business and technical skills training. Conduct the corporate training onsite at your location or live online from anywhere. You can also purchase vouchers for our public enrollment courses.

Our Corporate Training Courses

Choose from our wide selection of corporate training courses.

How to Start your Training Program?

Intro Call for Training

1- Schedule A Call

In a short call, you connect with CiiAction, to ensure that the training is right for you.

skill-gap analysis

2- Get your Complimentary Consultation

You get a free skill-gap Analysis so you can see firsthand the value that we bring.

CiiAction Training Plan

3- Training Plan

We will work with you to create a personalized plan for you or your team.

Corporate Training Courses

4- Attend training

Programs are designed to help your employees incorporate the new skills into your business.

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