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Education Cloud CRM for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, especially those embrace distance learning, are increasingly looking to digitalize and streamline their processes – using customer relationship management (CRM) software. Implementing a CRM for higher education is one of our major specialties – From online marketing to admission to different engagement communities and sales enablement systems. We partner with many of the leading higher education institutions and we’re ready to apply our CRM technology skills, change management experience, and knowledge of higher education’s business model to help you implement effectively the right CRM. Reach out to our team, and start digitally transforming your processes – we’ll elaborate on a tailored plan with a view to your project’s scope and budget.

CRM for Educational Institutions

CRM for Education

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CRM Consulting and Implementation Services

CiiAction is your implementation partner for Salesforce, Hubspot, ZOHO CRM Solutions. Together, at every step,  we build a powerful CRM platform – from prospecting and online admission to sales and marketing processes and accelerate your Digital Transformation and Growth.

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CRM for Educational institutions

We’ve helped schools, colleges, and universities in various countries including the US and Canada,  implement end-to-end technology and adapt well to all required changes in the processes and IT infrastructure. 

CRM Services for Colleges & Universities

We help you implement a higher education CRM that is aligned and optimized with your goals

We are experts in implementing and customizing CRMs for higher education and partner with cutting-edge CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. We’re one of the highest-rated, most-loved technology services companies in the US and Canada providing CRM implementation support to Schools, Colleges, and Universities. We do understand the obstacles and challenges that may hinder institutions’ transformation initiatives and are capable of overcoming them. We help our clients select the right technology for more automation and efficiency, integrate with different data sources and other systems, ensure staff adoption and usage of the new technology, and build capabilities and optimized processes for continually improving their ability to attract, retain and serve their students and partners.

CRM for Education with CiiAction

Top Benefits Educational Institutions
Get from our CRM Experts

sales and marketing alignment

Sales & Marketing Alignment

In the implementation for organizations based in Montreal and elsewhere, our Salesforce consultants will ensure to align your marketing and sales objectives and actions by embracing an end-to-end funnel that will create more effective actions and better business outcomes.

Custom Apps & Automation

Build Custom Apps & Automation

Do more tasks by automating multiple business processes such as tracking performance with dynamic dashboards and nurturing leads until they’re sales-ready with automated emails.

Team Collaboration

Effective Team Collaboration

Communicate customers' details and requirements with other members of your team and organize tasks with them so that you can respond better to your clients, work with more leads, and close more deals. For businesses in Montreal and elsewhere, we provide many automation and pre-defined tasks to empower your teams to be more productive.

Close More Deals

Close More Deals

Build your sales machine and grow your deal closing. We will help you organize your end-to-end tasks and keep track of your customers' information at every interaction from visiting your website to closing deals.

Active End-users

Active End-users

Tutorials and workshops are available in English and French for end-users to provide smoother deployments, higher adoption rates, and a larger rate of return to your salesforce investment.

Performance Metrics for Success

Performance Metrics for Success

Build an effective performance control system with custom reports, dashboards, follow-up tasks, and more. Your performance will be improved by live KPIs, insights, and focused tasks.

CRM Project for Higher Education

Build more efficient student experience and reach your revenue goals faster.

Our key steps for implementing your CRM

  • Initial Consultation – Define current challenges and your main goals/requirements with your institution’s senior leadership team
  • CRM Selection – Select the best CRM for you
  • Business Plan – Define optimized processes and activities 
  • Data Integration and Technical Plan – document IT infrastructure and Data Architect requirements to ensure seamless data flow between your CRM and other systems.
  • Project Implementation – Development and customization to Align your CRM with your institutional processes and goals
  • Training and Expert Guidance – Maximize the adoption and usage of your CRM with training and support.
CRM process for Colleges

Reach out to our team, and find out how to start your CRM for driving greater engagement and conversion

Our Feature Services for for Educational Institutions

Our team of certified Salesforce experts will help you implement and customize reliable high-end Salesforce applications such as Sales Cloud and Services Cloud. 

Create a Custom HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Services Platform for Your Specific Business Needs. We will help you maximize your usage of HubSpot CRM and marketing tools with CiiAction’s implementation packages.

With our inbound marketing services for Colleges and Educational Institutions, we assess your online presence, integrate your marketing activities, and deliver effective marketing automation,  nurturing tools, Ads, and a dashboard that improves your student enrolment and engagement cycle.

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Let’s help you at every step of your journey to make CRM work better for your business, your students, and shared communities.

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