Business Analyst Certification Courses

Instructor-Led Training with Hands-on Practice and Job Placement Support

Kick-start your career in business analysis.

Attend business analyst certification courses and master the latest business analysis skills, analytics tools, software life-cycles fundamentals, and IT project management techniques. The program is designed to help you become a skillful business analyst who works with leading organizations and leads the planning and improvement of their processes and systems. You will also get free follow-up coaching support from our experts to make sure that you are achieving the business analyst certification learning objectives.

Business Analysis Classes
From Beginner to Advanced Levels

Maximize Effectiveness & Play an Important Role in Designing and Delivering Solutions for Companies

Gain valuable business analysis skills and experience of the latest BA skills, analytics tools, and software life-cycles and analysis.

Why Training in Business Analysis?

Discover Gaps & Improvement Areas and Support your organization's improvement and innovation Projects.

Business Analyst Certification Courses

Business analysts are increasingly in high demand as they’re playing an important role in their organizations. The job categories of business analysis are many, including Performance Analysts, Business Analysts, Marketing Analysts, and Software Analysts. As companies are continually looking to increase efficiency and implement effective solutions, business analysts have become an important component of most companies’ operations.

Whether you are a corporation looking for training its employees in business analysis or a professional planning to become a business analyst, this BA program is for you. You’ll get the skills and expertise you need to become a professional business analyst through expert-led training and hands-on project.

Live Business Analyst Instructor-Led Training

19/09/ 2022

Start Date

5 Weeks



Live Sessions


Full Tuition



Business Analyst Certification Courses Overview

Assess Systems, Analyse Business Data, Recommend Changes, and More.

Live Business Analyst Certification Courses

Business analyst (BA) training focuses on developing insights and understanding business performance based on data, observations, and statistical methods. Through these courses, you’ll master the latest BA skills, analytics tools, software life-cycles and analysis, and business techniques of becoming a skillful Business analyst who works with organizations to lead the improvement of their processes and systems. This BA certification is live instructor-led training. Each topic in this program is made up of four main components: concept explanation, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and Q&A session.

Who is The Training for?

  • New grads who are looking to get a jump start to their careers in BA & IT careers,
  • IT professionals and engineers who want to get into business analysis, project management, and consulting fields.
  • Experienced professionals and Project Managers who are looking to update their knowledge of the latest business analysis techniques.

What You'll Learn With Business Analyst Certification Courses?

The live instructor-led BA training courses from CiiAction can teach you the latest business analysis skills in 2022. The Program Learning Path:

  • Introduction and scope of business analysis
  • Data requirements and functional requirements
  • The Business Analysis Maturity Model
  • Strategic analysis techniques
  • Strategy Implementation & Performance Measures
  • The Business Analysis Process Model
  • The lifecycle for business analysis
  • Creative problem-solving approach
  • Deliverables and techniques for each stage Investigation techniques
  • Scenarios and Prototyping – Quantitative Investigation Techniques
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Business Events and Business Rules
  • Value Chain and Value Propositions
  • Business Process Modeling Techniques
  • Managing Requirements Modeling Requirements
  • Modeling data Delivering the Requirements
  • Delivery lifecycles
  • SQL databases and database querying languages
  • Power BI concepts using Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Project

Certificate in Business Analysis

Once the course is completed, trainees are selected for a real-time traineeship program to build project experience. Upon successful completion of the traineeship, trainees will be awarded a Business Analyst Certification stating that they have acquired the skill set of a Business Analyst Specialist, validating your ability to lead BA efforts in your organization.

How to Register:

To register for the Business Analyst training courses, you need to pay a fee of C$50 7 days before the course start date. The remaining payment is C$1,200 and will be due 7 days from the course start date.

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