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Our marketing automation experts can expand your marketing team’s expertise and increase your capacity, agility, and speed to market. We provide automation strategy, implementation, marketing automation audit, proactive support, training, and administration for the automation platforms of Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho.

Marketing Automation Implementation

We prepare effectively your business and teams for the changes ahead

Marketing Automation is a powerful technology that brings consistency and better sales conversion, but it’s only as good as the implementation – strategy, process analysis, and commitment behind it.

Before planning any changes required for successful marketing automation, we carefully look into your current processes, customer lists and behaviors,  staff skills, systems integrations, website, and communication with customers—these all are critical tasks for ensuring success. Then, we discuss findings with your team that usually includes a representative from each department that will use the marketing automation system. Next, we together put your marketing automation strategy and implementation plan.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation Implementation

CiiAction experts help you create an effective Marketing Automation strategy and implement the right software and approach.

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Marketing Automation Strategy

Automation Strategy

Our consultants are experts in Inbound marketing and in all the latest digital tactics. They help you step up tailored strategies to generate, convert, and close business leads.

Marketing Automation Technology. Leverage Technology in Businesses.

Automation Technology

We partner with the top marketing automation technologies. Our consultants know how to harness these technologies to help you respond to the growing expectations on marketing.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

The collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing is the essential prerequisite to your success in business development. With our consultants, you will put new processes and methods in place place to boost an effective sales and marketing collaboration.

Our Marketing Automation Package

We are a specialist in several marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM.

  • Design: Define your requirements, objectives, and any other features needed and how they will work together
  • Choose the right solution & initial installation: based on the requirements we together choose and install the software in a test environment, then create your online account after approval. 
  • Configuration: Define the fields and processes to use
  • Integration: Insert tracking code into your website and connect to your other relevant applications
  • Segmentation: Define your customer list segments
  • Plan: Put a documented plan that defines processes and everything involved with the implementation.
  • Users: Identify admins, users, and rules for governance
  • Workflow Design: Determine your actionable events for each segment and create your workflows
  • Define automation map and work with sales to define what constitutes a qualified lead
  • Import data: Load your contacts and customer data from the current email platform
  • Design templates: Designing email and landing page templates to match your brand
  • Testing: Test the system
  • Reporting setup: Create the reports
  • Train users: Make sure everyone is comfortable with the system
  • Launch: System goes live
  • Manage: Closely monitor user adoption, reports, and processes; re-train or modify as needed
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