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We’re more than a consultancy, we’re the catalyst that sparks transformation. With comprehensive implementation support and tailor-made solutions, we lead organizations towards lasting growth. With a methodical approach and unwavering commitment to seamless solution integration, we empower businesses to thrive. Our journey is fueled by innovative solutions that reshape possibilities, all while cultivating a culture of excellence.

Driving Growth with Expertise

IT, CRM, & Marketing Experts

Seeking to digitize processes, streamline sales and marketing operations, amplify online presence, and fuel business expansion? With a track record of crafting winning strategies, implementing impactful solutions, and building robust end-to-end inbound marketing sales funnels, we drive sustainable growth for colleges, businesses, and organizations. Get in touch today; let’s propel you toward your goals.

CiiAction Group

Who We Are?

CiiAction Group, headquartered in Canada, is a seasoned marketing and digital transformation firm. Our proficiency and proven track record encompass a spectrum of services including consulting, business analysis, implementation, integration, and customization. We specialize in world-class platforms and technologies, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Magento, and cutting-edge business intelligence solutions.

Across the globe, we empower organizations to achieve swift and sustainable transformations by harnessing industry-leading technologies that enhance their profitability. Our methodology harmonizes technology, strategic tools, analytics, innovation, and change management to achieve comprehensive success. Delve into the details of our methodology to learn more about our approach.

At CiiAction, we’re guided by a team of exceptional experts – from business transformation specialists and project managers to analysts, consultants, and developers. Together, we create tangible value that makes a real difference for our clients.

Our Vision

CiiAction Group

To Become the Leading and Most-Trusted Provider of Cutting-Edge Innovative Solutions, Empowering Organizations in Canada and Worldwide to Thrive.

Our Mission

Empowering Organizations for Sustainable Growth with Innovative Solutions Built for implementing the best solutions by integrating the right technology, processes, and people behavior to drive significant and sustainable growth for our clients.

CiiAction Company Mission

Our Presence

With headquarters in Montreal and Mississauga, CiiAction is at the heart of Canada’s innovation landscape. Our reach extends across the US, Canada, and beyond, with a network of partnerships that spans the globe.

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With a proven approach, CiiAction has achieved remarkable success across a diverse range of industry sectors.

From higher education institutions and technology-driven companies to healthcare and medical facilities, manufacturing enterprises, and wholesalers, our CRM and marketing implementation services have consistently yielded effective results. This broad spectrum of industry engagement highlights our ability to tailor solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector.

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to generate maximum impact, irrespective of the sector’s specific nuances. With a profound understanding of various industries, CiiAction is poised to drive transformative change and sustainable growth across the board. Learn More.

Why Choose CiiAction?

At CiiAction, we stand as more than a consultancy – we’re your partners in growth and innovation. Our unwavering commitment to driving transformative change sets us apart. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we offer a spectrum of comprehensive IT solutions, from CRM consulting to custom digital marketing. Our priorities are anchored in delivering exceptional customer service, implementing change management best practices, crafting winning digital strategies, building exceptional customer experiences, fostering strategic partnerships, and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Discover how our expertise and values can elevate your business. Learn More.

Efficient Transformation and Excellent Growth

Unlocking Opportunities for Remarkable Business Expansion

We’re prepared to facilitate fundamental transformations in your customer acquisition lifecycle, paving the way for improved growth models. Let’s delve into your requirements and explore the possibilities.


Elevate your sales strategy and performance with CiiAction's expert Sales Consulting Services. Our tailored solutions empower your team to optimize CRM usage, define customer journeys, and streamline operations, driving measurable results and revenue growth.


Optimizing your marketing & sales performance starts here. From website development and lead generation to sales conversion, our experts will help you build powerful campaigns and effective inbound actions to improve your online presence and increase your sales.


Growth and technology implementation for your business starts here. We are specialized in implementing CRMs, BI solutions, and marketing & sales optimization projects including, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce CRM, and marking automation projects.


We train & coach business owners, marketers, & sales leaders to become more growth-driven, active and effective, and confident in leading their business growth projects and using solutions like Salesforce, & Hubspot.

IT Staffing Services

Whether you are struggling to recruit the best IT professionals, or are considering augmenting your team in the short or long term, CiiAction’s advisory services will empower you to understand how to best augment your in-house teams.

Implement your next growth project or enhance your digital marketing efforts to drive business expansion through our full-service transformation and digital marketing services.

At CiiAction, we offer a meticulously crafted suite of solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Collaborate with us to harness the power of innovation and experience tailored strategies that deliver results. Our Services Include:

  • Transformation Projects: We guide you through every stage of your growth project, providing holistic implementation and support for comprehensive transformations.

  • Sales and Digital Marketing Excellence: Elevate your online presence and engagement with our expert digital marketing strategies, optimizing your reach and conversion rates.

Choose from our array of monthly packages or opt for project-based collaborations. At CiiAction, we’re committed to aligning our services with your specific goals and preferences. Contact us today to embark on a journey of growth and success.

What Next?

Empower Your Growth with Comprehensive Solutions

Request a meeting to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you realize your objectives.

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Salesforce Services

We are providing end-to-end Salesforce services covering the entire spectrum from strategy to solution implementation and support, including expertise on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, CPQ, Financial Service Cloud, and Education Cloud.

HubSpot Consulting & Onboarding Services

HubSpot Services

Maximize your usage of HubSpot CRM and marketing tools with CiiAction’s implementation packages. Our services include HubSpot Integrations, Secure HubSpot Migration, Outsource HubSpot Management, and more.

IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

Whether you are struggling to recruit the best IT professionals, or are considering augmenting your team in the short or long term, CiiAction’s advisory services will empower you to understand how to best augment your in-house teams.

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