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Looking to implement your CRM system, BI Solution, outsource your digital marketing, or optimize your business for growth? CiiAction has an excellent track record of creating winner strategies, implementing effective solutions, and building strong end-to-end inbound marketing sales funnels that drive sustainable growth.

Effective Marketing & CRM

Improve your Revenue Growth and ROI

We Help Companies Accelerate Execution to Achieve More Productive Workplaces and Better Business Growth.

CiiAction Group

Growth Driven Marketing & CRM Company

CiiAction Group is a Canadian-based marketing and digital transformation firm with expertise and demonstrated experience providing, consulting, business analysis, implementation, integration, and customization services for world-class platforms and technologies such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Magento, and business intelligence solutions.

We help organizations and businesses all over the world, achieve faster and sustainable transformation with industry-leading technologies that improve their bottom lines. Our methodology is based on the combination of technology, strategic tools,  analytics, innovation, and change management. Learn more about our methodology.

CiiAction is led by a team of highly qualified business transformation experts, project managers, analysts, consultants, & developers who create real value for our clients.

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For More than 15 years, we have been working alongside clients’ leaders and teams at all levels, across industries, in the US., Canada, and countries around the world to deliver rapid results through effective transformations to the technology, processes, management practices, performance reporting, and employee behaviors of marketing and sales. in our projects, as a leader in change management, we engage client employees on all levels to ensure a successful change. 

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CiiAction Group can offer you a vast range of consulting and supportive services – from designing your corporate performance system, inbound marketing strategy, and sales conversion path to leading continuous improvement and digital transformation projects that will power your growth.

We continue to broaden the range of our services and recently we also offer corporate and professional training programs.


Implement Powerful Solutions and Ensure Rapid and Sustainable Business Growth.

Our Priorities

  • Provide excellent customer services from initial assessment to project closing and aftercare.
  • Apply change management best practices and ensure smooth adoption of new changes and/or technology.
  • Build amazing customer experiences for our client customers – attract the ideal customers, communicate well with them, and design an exceptional action in every interaction.
  • Partner with the world’s leading solutions and technology.
  • Seek and Encourage continuous improvement & innovation in all our operations.


Our HQ offices are in Canada and we have a wide network of partnerships in the US., Canada, and many other countries.

Industry Sectors

With our work approach and our commitment to provide the very best, we have helped several companies and organizations accomplish their potential growth across several industry sectors including, higher education, colleges, high tech, IT Services, healthcare, medical and dental clinics, manufacturing, public sector, nonprofits, and more.


Transform your Marketing and Sales

We are ready to make core transformations in your customer acquisition lifecycle and achieve better growth models. Let’s discuss your requirements

Partnering with the best solutions and marketing platform providers, we focus on implementing the one that suits our clients’ business requirements and delivers business results. We support our clients in selecting, developing, implementing, improving, and utilizing CRM applications, Apps, and BI solutions, including but not limited to:

  1. CRMs – An end-to-end marketing & sales platform using Salesforce or Hubspot 
  2. Enterprise MS BI Solutions -An end-to-end solution to all your data challenges
  3. Web and mobile app development
  4. Blockchain app development
  5. Online marketing strategy/Inbound marketing
  6. Funnel and marketing automation tools

Partner with us

Looking for an effective digital marketing partner to drive your growth? 

Boost your digital presence and grow your business through our full-service digital marketing services. CiiAction Group, partners with leading businesses in diverse industries to design and implement a wide range of digital marketing services to achieve significant growth faster. Whether it’s online strategy, web development, SEO, social media management, or custom campaign implementation, CiiAction is able to act as an extension of your marketing team, solving your scaling issues getting in the way of your marketing growth.

What Next?

Request a meeting to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you realize your objectives.

How we can Help you

Optimizing your Marketing & Sales performance starts here. From website development to sales conversion, our experts will help you build effective inbound actions to improve your online presence and increase your sales.

Growth and technology implementation for your business starts here. We are specialized in implementing CRMs, BI solutions, and marketing & sales optimization projects including, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce CRM, and marking automation projects.

We train & coach business owners, marketers, & sales leaders to become more growth-driven, active and effective, and confident in leading their business growth projects and using solutions like Salesforce, & Hubspot.


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