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Successful implementation of a strategy and improvement projects necessary for achieving sustainable business growth. Our IT and change management experts help businesses implement their projects by expertly planning the change of technology and processes, facilitating the implementation of initiatives, and tracking the performance and results of teams.

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Easy & Cost-Effective Digital Transformation

Marketing, CRM, And IT Projects

We understand that your digital transformation project is unique. With our IT and change management experts, we’ll help you accelerate and optimize your project execution and achieve better and sustainable results. 

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Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technologies to enhance the way your business operates, accelerate workflows, strengthen security, and improve customer experiences. These digital technologies include applications that integrate all aspects of your customer’s live cycles – customer relationship management (CRM) applications to systems that integrate all aspects of your business operations – enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Digital Transformation can be complex and faces many challenges such as user resistance to the implemented technologies, data integration problems, or misalignment with business processes. It requires a clear plan and coordinated effort across various levels to successfully manage the changes.

Successful IT & CRM Execution with Our Implementation Team

We incorporate the best practices of change management as part of the implementation approach in our digital transformation projects. We also partner with the best IT Solutions, CRMs, and marketing platform providers and focus on implementing the ones that suit our clients’ requirements, deliver business results, and align with the business vision.

Canada CRM & IT Implementation Projects

Our implementation services cover:

  • CRM – Sales & Marketing transformation by adopting modern CRM & marketing automation platforms – Our CRM team is specialized in implementing world-class CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.
  • BI and Data Management – Improve corporate data quality and analysis by implementing enterprise business intelligence & data management solutions.
  • ERP – Transform Businesses by implementing ERPs to consolidate finance, HR, and supply chain functions into one system.
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Cloud Transformation with the industry’s leading Cloud platforms and solutions.
  • Applications – Build Mobile/Web Applications and e-commerce systems.
  • Others
    • Business process design and improvement.
    • Build corporate performance management systems for effective strategy execution.
CRM and Marketing Tools Project Implementation

Reduce Cost & Complexity and Accelerate Your project Execution

During the project implementation, Our technical and change management experts help your teams, from project initiation through execution and capability building adopt, embrace the new tools and changes. This will help you achieve rapid and sustainable bottom-line results.

Our Project Approach

From identifying and prioritizing opportunities to design and implement improvements and solutions, we provide full support at all project phases with our well-established change management approach.

Understanding our client’s business and needs is essential for us. We start with a discovery phase – deep analysis of client’s status like current online presence, competitive landscape, marketing activities, personas, sales alignment and processes, technology, and staff behavior. The approach helps us understand the current situation and create the right strategy and solution for our clients.

Our implementation practice provides a diverse team of qualified professionals who are able to design the right solutions and resolve any potential challenges that might be encountered during your implementation. The implementation typically consists of a team leader, implementation consultant/ Business Analyst, highly technical professionals (e.g. BI / Big data developer, CRM developer, cloud consultant, integration consultant), and QA specialist.

CiiAction CRM and Marketing tools Implementation Services
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Our Project Phases

Making change happen and making change stick requires a structured, phased approach.

Our projects phases may include the following: 

  1. Initiation: An intensive scan according to the client’s performance issues and requirements. 
  2. Discovery, Data Collection, and Diagnosis: Assess the current practice to the world-class practices as well as employees’ behavior and readiness to change. We help companies assess their project readiness to ensure systematic and sustainable change in the transformation using our change management tool. 
  3. Design and Action Plan: Design and plan the project phases, tasks, and improvement initiatives with selecting the best tools & practices to ensure successful and sustainable implementation.
  4. Implementation and Sustainability: Intensive training, full assistant, daily coaching, and follow up with a performance dashboard during the implementation phase with the focus of improving employees’ behaviors and involvement,
  5. Closing
  6. Aftercare services

Featured Projects

CiiAction Helps Business Leaders

Online Marketing Strategy

Looking to expand your market, launch a new product, or restructure your growth? CiiAction Marketing team will work with you to assess all aspects of your current business and carefully craft a new strategy that will advance your current marketing approach.

Client Meeting CiiAction

Salesforce Implementation Services

CiiAction offers Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud implementation services for medium and large businesses across all industries. With our team of Salesforce experts, we help you build the right solutions for your specific business needs and train your users and leaders to use Salesforce to its full capacity.

CiiAction PPC Management Services

HubSpot Implementation Services

We'll help you ceate the right inbound marketing processes and use the HubSpot CRM and marketing tools successfully. We provide Hubspot full-services that are custom-designed around your needs, from fully embracing and running your Hubspot platform to helping your marketing and sales teams build and utilize the platform effectively.

CiiAction Hubspot CRM implementation

Marketing Automation Implementation

CiiAction experts help you create an effective Marketing Automation strategy and implement the right software and approach. We carefully look into your current processes, customer lists and behaviors, staff skills, systems integrations, website, and communication with customers—these all are critical tasks for ensuring successful implementation. Next, we together put your marketing automation strategy and implementation plan.

Digital Services Toronto

Business Intelligence Projects

Build a platform that enhances the management control practice and decision-making process by integrating MCS best practices with a well-designed & effective Business Intelligence (BI) Solution. This is covering planning, performance review, problem-solving, and reporting to measure & drive success.

Ciiaction Team

Cloud Transformation Projects

We help companies move data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment to become more efficient. CiiAction specializes in aws, Azure, & Google cloud platforms.

Digital marketing Strategy

Strategy & Continuous Improvement Projects

Provide coaching and implementation support to help enhance business bottom-line. We focus on building the processes and tools that make your strategy implementation more successful. We also focus on implementing continuous improvement projects to ensure business system and processes are optimized.

Innovation and Product Development

Innovation & Product Development

Implement systematic proven processes and effective team collaboration optimize your innovation funnel – from ideas to product/service breakthroughs.

Ciiaction Digital Marketing Team

Sales Process Optimization

Drive continuous sales growth by designing and optimizing your end-to-end sales processes and activities to create a predictable sales machine aligned with your growth strategy


Successful Project Implementation

Help your teams Embrace change with our implementation support. 

Salesforce project in Montreal

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Montreal Salesforce consulting services

Salesforce Services

We are providing end-to-end Salesforce services covering the entire spectrum from strategy to solution implementation and support, including expertise on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, CPQ, Financial Service Cloud, and Education Cloud.

Ciiaction Analytics Solutions

HubSpot Services

Maximize your usage of HubSpot CRM and marketing tools with CiiAction’s implementation packages. Our services include HubSpot Integrations, Secure HubSpot Migration, Outsource HubSpot Management, and more.

Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Create your Marketing Strategy For Best Driving your Business Growth. We will carefully craft your online strategy to advance your current marketing approach and drive sustainable growth

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