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The Benefits of Working with a Salesforce Partner

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The Benefits of Working with a Salesforce Partner

Once a Salesforce CRM org is up and running from a Salesforce Implementation Partner, it’s common for companies to think that the heavy lifting is over and done. The next step companies take is to hire an in-house Salesforce Administrator, leaving them to maintain the org as the company grows.

It’s important to acknowledge the crucial role an internal Salesforce team provides for companies with a Salesforce instance but to also address the transition from a Salesforce Implementation Partner to in-house employees.

What companies don’t realize is that they may be too hasty in cutting off a viable resource with an established relationship. Salesforce Administrators and Developers are a must-have for companies, especially when it comes to day-to-day maintenance, however, there are benefits to continuing a relationship with a Salesforce Partner.

Should you continue a relationship with a Salesforce Partner? Read on to learn the benefits and figure out if it’s right for your company.

The Benefit of an Existing Relationship with a Salesforce Consultant

When working with a Salesforce Consultant who specializes in Salesforce Integration Services, a strong connection can be made between both parties, and a great level of trust is established.

They can do the heavy lifting to ensure your Salesforce org is set up to meet your needs, as well as make it malleable for future enhancements, while you focus on keeping the business moving forward. Once implementation is completed, there may be other ways to extend the relationship.

Having an in-house team is crucial for knowing your company’s vision close to heart and minding everything from data management to end-user training. But leaning on a reputable Salesforce partner can reduce the risk of vetting out a new third party to help your business.

Knowing how your partner works and building on established relationships means you can save a lot of time, money, and energy from assessing someone new.

The Benefit of Salesforce Maintenance Services

Some companies may choose to use their in-house Salesforce team to focus more on the heavy lifting of project development and lean on a trusted Salesforce partner to maintain their org. More and more consultants and partners are offering Salesforce Maintenance Services.

Based on the major release schedule being three times per year, along with smaller releases intermittently, it can be a lot for an internal team to maintain, especially if they’re laser-focused on major development work or a major rollout.

Utilizing a Salesforce partner that can keep track of upcoming releases, as well as assist with testing in lower environments and helping to formulate a plan for releases and refreshes, can be beneficial for the internal Salesforce team.

Without having to stutter-start through their project milestones, Admins and Developers can stay more focused for a better outcome.

Without using a Salesforce partner, you can be restricted to relying solely on a handful of internal team members who may not have the same background or access to resources as a Salesforce consultant.


The Benefit of an Experienced Salesforce Partner

Experienced Salesforce Partner

When considering whether or not to use a Salesforce partner alongside your internal Salesforce team, one benefit that can often be overlooked is the experience a trusted partner has. Whether your company has one Salesforce Administrator or twenty, it is likely a Salesforce partner has more experience.

A trusted Salesforce Partner may have a pool of talent to choose from, some of whom may have years of experience working with solutions you’re implementing or developing. You also may have access to resources with a lot of knowledge in specific Salesforce clouds such as CPQ or Marketing Cloud.

Without using a Salesforce partner, you can be restricted to relying solely on a handful of internal team members who may not have the same background or access to resources as a Salesforce consultant.

It is also likely that a Salesforce partner or consulting firm may have seen multiple versions of the issues you’re trying to solve. Their exposure to various ways of addressing the issue, and of seeing previous clients’ responses and adoption can provide a perspective that internal team members may not have.

There is a sizable benefit to taking advantage of the skills and assets of a Salesforce Partner.

Salesforce Support and Maintenance

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Implement a Successful Salesforce Integration

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The Benefit of Industry Best Practices in Salesforce

Salesforce Industry Best Practices

Another detriment of relying solely on an in-house Salesforce Administrator is the possibility of missing out on Salesforce best practices. A consultant or Salesforce partner must stay vigilantly on top of Salesforce best practices in order to stay relevant and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients.

An internal Salesforce team may become so engrossed in their daily work or upcoming projects that they do not have the bandwidth to explore new features or follow the recommended procedure for releasing new functionality. Unfortunately, they can miss out on key communications from Salesforce or take shortcuts when pushing changes.

A partner that offers Salesforce Customization Services must follow Salesforce best practices closely to continue to offer reliable advice and solutions to ensure the development has as little risk as possible for their clients.

Using a trusted partner can ensure up-to-date information is being utilized and that Salesforce best practices are followed consistently.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Salesforce Partner?

While internal Salesforce resources have their strengths and are necessary to keep companies moving in the right direction, Salesforce Partners can help support internal teams in ways that are often overlooked.

By continuing relationships from Salesforce Implementation Services, to Salesforce Customization Services, consultants and clients can continue to work together to build out the Salesforce instance in a way that keeps clients satisfied.

Utilizing Salesforce Maintenance Services can take away strain and stress from internal teams by outsourcing responsibilities that can eat into valuable time for team members working on larger projects.

Salesforce partners also have a number of resources that they can contribute towards a solution and may have many years of combined experience contributing towards a quality outcome for the client.

Salesforce partners are also more apt to follow Salesforce best practices when implementing changes and recommending next steps for common issues or custom solutions.

Working with a Salesforce Partner


A Salesforce Partner that you trust can be a viable asset to your organization and internal Salesforce team.

If you have any questions about Salesforce or need the help of a professional Salesforce consultant or developer, feel free to reach out to us. Our expert Salesforce professionals will be happy to help!

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