Top 5 Reasons to Choose Salesforce CRM for your Business

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Why You Need a Salesforce Implementation Partner
Why You Should Consider Salesforce CRM for your Business

Salesforce CRM & Implementation

Salesforce is a valuable cloud-based CRM platform that can help businesses of varying sizes maximize efficiency and hit their growth targets. Salesforce is the #1 CRM for a reason and their continuous development, frequent upgrades, and the strength of their community all support their success. It’s no wonder so many businesses are turning to such a powerhouse for their CRM needs (and more)!

While it is possible to work directly with Salesforce and implement directly yourself, however, there is a lot of caution that needs to be given for that option. Implementing Salesforce is a large undertaking, with many considerations that range from understanding best practices, to properly migrating current data.

It is highly recommended to utilize Salesforce consulting services in a Salesforce consulting partner. Not every consultant is a Salesforce partner, but partners have been vetted by Salesforce to match your needs with an experienced professional that can ensure your implementation runs smoothly. Especially if this is your first time working with Salesforce, you will need to look for a partner that specifically offers Salesforce implementation services (although, if you currently have Salesforce and are looking to expand, consider a partner that offers Salesforce integration services).

Whether you are interested in learning more about Salesforce, or have some clouds and are considering more functionality, take a look at our 5 Reasons your Business Needs to Consider Salesforce CRM.

Coping with Business Inefficiencies

It is very common for businesses to set up processes, then realize a year or two later that they no longer fit the needs of the company. There may be processes that worked with a smaller workforce, but now that the company has grown and expanded, possibly even globally, there needs to be more efficient and have more automation.

This can range from Sales representatives having too many clicks and too much data entry to set up their opportunities, to customer support representatives getting lost in trying to navigate to records that hold valuable customer information. These pain points grow exponentially when they add a significant amount of time per week or per month.

A key to your business efficiency is to take a look at the processes currently in place and evaluate whether they could benefit from Salesforce CRM automation that does everything from pre-populating data to displaying relevant customer information on one screen, to even taking care of tasks without data entry being required. More than likely, there are processes that could stand to be made more efficient!


Salesforce CRM lets you efficiently manage and unify your business processes and customer lifecycle so you can achieve more success. You can find the right customers, build your standard selling process, get real-time updates, increase employee productivity, and build customized apps on a single platform.


Understanding the Customer Lifecycle

Businesses, especially early on, often have issues with understanding the entire customer lifecycle from start to finish. They may see a signed contract, or a purchase of merchandise, but fail to understand basic information at the beginning of the journey. When did that customer first interact with the brand? What made the deal successful along the way? Or, if they lost the customer, was there a significant event that contributed to that failed relationship?

Understanding the customer lifecycle is crucial in understanding how to tweak everything from marketing emails, to sales pitches, to customer service conversations. Having the data from the very first interaction all the way to the last is important in building a relationship with that customer.

Salesforce can offer a solution, whether it be improved lead routing, utilizing marketing tools for insight into email interactions, or using analytics to see if the customer is in danger of terminating the relationship. If your business needs the full story from A-to-Z, you should consider a Salesforce solution to provide that necessary view.

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Need Better Analytics

Salesforce Consultants Better Analytics

Another consideration on whether your business needs Salesforce is to analyze how well your company handles its analytics. Understanding the health of the org and the satisfaction of the customers is crucial for C-level executives looking to make decisions on how to drive growth forward. A lack of insight into data can be a roadblock in making crucial decisions. Not having a full understanding of customer satisfaction scores, or the sales pipeline, and where there may be weaknesses, can hinder growth and productivity. This can lead to poor decision making, affecting both your company and employees.

Salesforce allows for the slicing of data in custom reports and dashboards that can give real-time updates on the metrics that mean the most and influence key decisions. Whether it be CSAT scores, Closed Opportunities, or even employee performance, strong analytics can make a huge impact on successful growth.

Data Gaps

Businesses often have growing pains, and one of those pains is gaps in their data. This may be from human error (accidental mistakes), human negligence (apathy during data entry), or just a failure to capture key data points that matter to company decision making and evaluation. Data gaps can skew reports and lead to a misunderstanding of the company’s health. They can also cause a breakdown in processes, both internally and externally, which can lead to employees spending more time than they need to in order to complete their tasks. Basically, data gaps can be costly in both time and money.

Salesforce offers features such as validation rules that can be put in place to help companies improve their data quality, by both restricting incorrect data entry, or even making data required. Features like Process Builder and Flow can grab and input data across objects, limiting the amount of time employees spend on such administrative tasks. This, in turn, improves both accuracy and efficiency!

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Single Source of Truth

When companies are growing, it is not uncommon to have a range of tools for different needs. Maybe there is a logistics software and financial software, and another tool for customer service. But, as the company grows, the systems may not integrate well, and you then have five different resources for five different needs. Many companies simply need a single source of truth.

Having a single source of truth is critical to making sure the goals of the company are unified, and that no data goes uncovered in setting those crucial goals. One place to understand everything that happens, whether it be sales, services, finance, or marketing, gives a true depiction of the state of things and improves the accuracy of analytics and logistics.

But many companies may worry about how to get so many different systems integrated into one place. That’s where a partner that offers Salesforce development services and Salesforce app development can take a disjointed system, and seamlessly integrate so that everything is united. If your company struggles with a single source of truth, you need a Salesforce partner that can pull it all together.

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Although we covered just five reasons, there are many pain points and problems your company may be having in utilizing a system that can help provide growth and efficiencies to make your business run smoothly. If you are looking for a Montreal Salesforce consulting partner for work in the US and Canada, look no further than CiiAction Inc.