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Marketing Analytics with CiiAction

With the growing online competition, each company wants to create a strong online presence. We see hundreds of new websites on the internet every day and we also see thousands of ads from businesses on all search engines and social platforms to market their products & services.  Companies attempt to create visually great websites with valuable content. Continual effort is also done by SEO and advertising experts to further attract potential customers to browse websites and do sales actions. If we look at the cost of those ads, we will find it very high. For example, the average cost for one-click on Google search Ads is approximately $2.32. With this effort and cost, the need for an effective system to track website traffic and guide the marketing team has become essential.

Fortunately, Google provides great analytics service for free. Google Analytics is a very popular and powerful tool that gives you information on site usage that includes visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on a site, new visits, and many more. Google Analytics professionals use these pieces of information to build different custom reports and dashboards to track marketing effort and spending and provide immediate insights to guide the corrective actions

Google analytics and webmaster are great tools that allow you to track your marketing actions and learn about the behavior of your website visitors.

Another important tool, Google Webmaster is also used to track the performance of websites and show if your website is healthy or has problems affecting your SEO efforts such as crawl errors or bad back-links. Mainly, Google Webmaster help you learn about your website’s configuration, health, and traffic. it then guides you to fix all issues. To start benefit from the webmaster tool, all you need is to register your website and you will get a notification if your website has any problem. It also shows if your keywords are working – attracting your customers or not.

Being able to track your website at glance is very important to maximize the impact of your marking effort and cost.

Google analytics and master are great tools that allow you to track your actions and learn about the behavior of your website visitors. If you’re caring about your Search engine optimization and adverting effectiveness, you should begin using those tools.