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Salesforce Admin & Advanced Admin with Apex Fundamental Course

13/08/ 2022

Start Date

8 Weeks



Live Sessions


Skill Level



Learning Path

  • Salesforce overview
  • Salesforce editions
  • Home page customization
  • Uploading a company logo
  • Company information page
  • Organization language, local time, & currency
  • Quiz

1 Live Sessions 120 Min  + 60 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • What is CRM?
  • How CRM can help?
  • Salesforce CRM navigation terminology
  • Compare CRM with other CRM products
  • Customization in Salesforce com CRM
  • Introduction to Salesforce CRM setup tool
  • Personal setup
  • App Setup
  • Admin Setup
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 120 Min  + 180 Min reading and exercises to complete

  • Organization login access & IP restrictions
  • Password policies
  • Object permissions
  • Record access
  • System permissions 
  • Territory & role hierarchy
  • Territory management
  • Field visibility & encrypt the value of a custom field
  • Best practices
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 120 Min  + 180 Min reading and exercises to complete

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Project development life cycle
  • Apex data loader
  • Organization administration
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 120 Min  + 120 Min reading and exercises to complete

  • Creating custom objects
  • Custom web tabs
  • Creating relationships between objects
  • Creating custom profiles, apps, & fields
  • Quiz

1 Live Sessions 180 Min  + 240 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Sandboxes
  • Change Sets
  • Building on Top of Salesforce
  • Master-Detail
  • Lookup Relation
  • Data Quality & Validation Rules
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 120 Min  + 120 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Importing overview
  • Importing solutions & custom object records
  • The data loader
  • User mass delete
  • Initiate weekly export
  • Use storage
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 180 Min  + 120 Min reading & reading exercise to complete

  • Approval process
  • Real-Life examples
  • implementing approval rules
  • Process actions
  • Lightning process builder
  • Process builder user interface
  • Process builder errors
  • Automating approval process with process builder
  • Install app from the app exchange
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 120 Min  + 270 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Install an app
  • Understand the AppExchange development landscape
  • Test an AppExchange app
  • Delete an app
  • Quiz

2 Live Sessions 120 Min  + 60 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Events
  • Lightning components
  • Lightning web components
  • Quiz

1 Live Session 90 Min  + 30 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Create custom reports
  • Use advanced filters
  • Use conditional highlighting
  • Use custom summary formulas
  • Use dashboards
  • Extending Salesforce CRM
  • Learn about custom objects
  • Learn about custom tabs
  • Learn about custom web tabs
  • Quiz

2 Live Sessions 120 Min  + 240 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Introduction to Apex
  • Purpose of Apex
  • Apex fundamentals & & database
  • Apex integration services
  • Apex testing
  • Quiz

2 Live Sessions 240 Min  + 270 Min reading & exercises to complete

  • Review questions
  • Interactive Practice Test for the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam

1 Live Session 90 Min 

Salesforce Training Toronto

Program Overview

Salesforce Admin & Advanced Admin with Apex Fundamental training is provided by our experienced and certified Salesforce professionals with a hands-on approach and industry-recognized curriculum. It is fully immersive and prepares you for the Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, and Platform App Builder Certifications.

This Salesforce training is live, instructor-led & helps you master key Salesforce concepts with hands-on demonstrations.

Enroll now in this Salesforce admin training course & become a certified Salesforce professional with CiiAction.

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Who is the Training for?

  • New system administrators responsible for the Salesforce setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications
  • Experienced professionals who are looking to have an exciting career in the leading Salesforce platform
  • New grads who are looking to get a jump start to their careers in Salesforce 
  • Developers who have worked in Java or C# and are looking for a boost to their career
  • Other groups that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Salesforce, including salesforce users, sales operators, and IT manager

Completing this training will help you:

  • Customize your application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes
  • Create a secure Salesforce environment
  • Maintain and import clean data
  • Create high-value reports and dashboards
  • Set up workflow automation
  • Build custom Apps with Lighting experence
The Interactive And Engaging Content

Salesforce Admin Training overview

Our Happy Salesforce Learners

Salesforce Course Reviews

Paula Jones
Paula Jones
Salesforce Administrator - Toronto, ON
Read More
The training course with Ciiaction is probably the best experience I ever had. The instructor and coach assigned to me are great. I strongly recommend them. I'd like to especially thank my instructor Karin for helping me achieve my career goal. Thank you. 
Johny Wheeler
Johny Wheeler
Salesforce Intern- Toronto, ON
Read More
Best value compared to the price. You will not find another training course about Salesforce Admin with a practical project as good as this one. I'm currently completing my project and just started my placement where I'm looking to be an Admin.
Samia Abboud
Samia Abboud
Salesforce Administrator - Montreal, QC
Read More
My background has absolutely no connection with Salesforce Admin but I managed to find a job in 3 months with CiiAction. The training course and job placement are great which helped me a lot in my preparation.

How to register:

You need to register in advance and pay a fee of C$50 before the course start date.

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