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Native advertising budgets continue to rise. Advances in marketing and technology as well as the launch of the native point to a substantial increase in native spending later on.

Association of National Advertisers published a report at the end of 2014, saying that 63% of entrepreneurs were planning on boosting their budgets that were native. New information launched from American Marketing Association suggests that local spending is on the growth and set to achieve an estimated 10.7 billion by also the end of 2015. Further studies show that by 2025 the indigenous advertisement space will be well worth a staggering 21 billion from the USA alone – quite a rise from the modest 4.7 billion spent in 2013.

Why is advertisements ad? The reason behind the growth in spending that is native is down to functionality. Data accumulated by DoubleClick and Opera Celtra discovered that background native ads outperformed traditional screen ads, screen ads only provide an average 0.9% click-through rate. Compare this and it’s a difference that is substantial. Native is the advertisement medium for mobile. 


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As native advertising becomes well established, smaller companies will begin to explore it with the focus on high-quality ads. Programmatic Advertising is an automated process of buying and selling online advertising space.

Feeds are becoming the most effective way for manufacturers to disperse content and marketing is around the feed. Mobile users surf on their smartphone every day on average 58 minutes and 27% of content material is absorbed in comparison to 22% in 2014.

In-feed native ad placements perform extraordinarily well on the small screen, especially if you compare them to the functionality of display on most mobile devices. Data implies that mobile native outperforms traditional mobile screen advertisements – providing a 1% higher CTR. Programmatic native advertising: scale and efficiency work by serving native ad placements between sites on an impression basis, using real-time data as well as technology in order that only the most relevant native advertising is displayed to a specific user. It promises to boost user experience, scale content distribution as well as reduce time management of indigenous campaigns. The advent of programmatic RTB 2.3 implies that increasingly more digital ad spend will shift to move in the direction of indigenous campaigns. As a brand, it’s significant to create a campaign that’s valuable – to both also the brand and also the end consumer. Native adds value to any effort and enriches the overall site experience.

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