Lead Generation for Your Business

How to Generate Leads for Your Business the Right Way – 6 Tips for Beginners.

Generating Leads for Your Business the Right Way - 6 Tips for Beginners.

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Lead Generation for Business

6 Beginners Tips for Business Lead Generation

Leads are the potential customers or clients who are interested in purchasing your product or service. Lead generation for business is simply the process of attracting relevant leads and exciting them about the product or service you offer with the objective of converting them to customers. Having a steady stream of qualified leads is important for building a profitable business. However, generating new leads for your business isn’t always an easy task. Lead generation is considered the number one challenge by 61% of marketing professionals.

To start building the right lead generation, you should define carefully your buyer personas, their needs, and the best way to reach them. Then, you design the right lead generation strategy, tactics, processes, and tools to generate leads for your business on a continuous and consistent basis. Also, to make sure your lead generation is working, you need to define your lead generation metrics or KPIs throughout the customer journey/funnel. Examples of Lead generation KPIs are; the percent of marketing qualified leads (MQL%), Cost per lead, percent of sales qualified leads (SQL%), percent of converted leads, and lead generation ROI.

This article will focus on 6 main lead generation tactics you can use if you’re a complete beginner.

Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is defined as a free offer given to people in exchange for their contact information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. This offer can be in the form of an e-book, free guide, checklist, template, technical report, etc. You need first to do a thorough analysis of your target analysis to be able to understand your buyer personas and accordingly develop the right lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a smart way to attract relevant prospects, reengage with existing customers, and help to improve your brand’s awareness, trust, and authority.  As a complete beginner in lead generation, you may be wondering what makes a good lead magnet. Well, there are two things your lead magnet needs to have – usefulness and relevance.

Valuable and Useful Lead Magnet

The lead magnet you create needs to be useful and valuable to your target audience. In other words, it should be able to help solve their problems. If it doesn’t offer any useful information, your audience will feel like they’ve given you their personal information for nothing. And because of that, they may not want to hear from your again.

Relevant Lead Magnet

The lead magnet you create also has to be relevant to your line of business for it to be effective at generating qualified leads. For example, if you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, offering a detailed guide on bankruptcy filings as a lead magnet can be a good idea. Another example, if you are a wholesale business, a whitepaper for a new product’s applications can be a smart way to educate your existing customer about the new products.

This type of lead magnet is related directly to your business, so anybody who agrees to download it might hire your services in the future if they need help filing for bankruptcy. But, for this to happen, you have to provide them with high-quality and valuable information that solves their problems.

A lead magnet is a smart way to attract relevant prospects, re-engage with existing customers, and help to improve your brand's awareness, trust, and authority.


Promote Your Lead Magnet

After completing work on your lead magnet, you need to place it on your website or a landing page and start attracting high-quality leads that you can engage with to nurture them to sales. However, without promotion, your lead magnet cannot generate any quality leads for your business. Why? Because nobody knows it exists. So, promotion is essential if you want to create awareness and expose your offer to as many people as possible. There are different ways of promoting a lead magnet.

Promote Your Lead Magnet With Social Media

The quickest one is running an advertising campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin Ads. 66% of marketers are able to generate new leads by leveraging social marketing. If you have many followers, you can publish promotional posts to generate new leads. You can also promote your lead magnet using social ads. Platforms like Facebook ads let you use landing page templates and forms to generate leads. 

Promote Your Lead Magnet With Google Ads

You can also promote your free offer by running an ad campaign on search engines like Google. With this method, users who are searching for keywords related to your product/service will see your ad at the very top of the search engine results page (SERP), and when they click on it, they’ll be directed to a landing page with a lead magnet.

It’s important that you have a well-designed landing page with a clear call to action and target the right audience to succeed in generating leads using these two methods.

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Some of the most effective lead generation strategies include minimizing friction in your signup forms, creating an irresistible lead magnet, promoting your lead magnet through paid ads, and publishing SEO-optimized content to help leads find you.


Make it Easier for People to Find Your Business

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Using ads is great for generating leads. But, as you know, advertising requires continuous investment for your campaign to continue running. This means that if you run out of money someday, your steady stream of leads will also stop coming. This is why you should also make it easier for leads to find your business, instead of you looking for them. There are numerous ways to do so, but we’ll focus on the two most common ones below:

Valuable Content Creation

Great content is the most essential ingredient of a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, you must commit to producing relevant and valuable content regularly if you want to grow your business organically. You need both macro and micro-content to generate leads. Macro content just means long-form content, while micro-content refers to tidbits of information that are short and easy to digest. Examples of macro-content include blog posts, podcasts, and videos, while examples of micro-content include statistics, quotes, etc.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Once you’ve created different types of content, you need to optimize them for search engines to ensure that people find them when searching online. Your blog posts, for instance, should be optimized for keywords that people enter on Google and other search engines when searching for information related to your business. Your YouTube videos should also be optimized for keywords that people enter in the YouTube search bar when searching for information related to your business. The same thing applies when creating content for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

When you optimize every piece of content you create for search, it boosts your organic visibility significantly and helps more leads to find your business.

Build a Strong Presence on Social Media

Lead Generation and Social Media

This is another lead generation tactic that costs you absolutely nothing. However, you have to put a lot of time and effort into creating and sharing valuable content with your audience. Sharing great content helps to keep your fans and followers engaged and allows you to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with them. It’s also a good idea to add a human element to your business on social media to make it more relatable.

To do this, you need to post photos of your corporate events, team members, etc., on your social media pages from time to time so potential leads can learn more about your business and develop an interest in buying your products/services.

Create More Opt-In Opportunities

online webinar Lead Generation for B2B Marketing

Another way to generate leads is by turning every content you have into an opt-in offer. If you have different types of content like webinars, demos, white papers, e-books, and reports, you can create a downloadable version of each of them and ask your website visitors to sign up before accessing them. The key to succeeding with this strategy is to make your offer very attractive so that your visitors will have no option but to sign up to access them.

Remove Any Friction in Your Signup Forms

Lastly, if there’s friction in your signup forms, people will leave your landing page in high numbers without submitting their contact details to you. Therefore, you need to simplify your signup forms as much as possible by removing all unnecessary fields. 

Lead Generation Conclusion

All in all, generating leads for your business isn’t an easy task, but it’s possible when you know how to do it right. Some of the most effective lead generation strategies include minimizing friction in your signup forms, creating an irresistible lead magnet, promoting your lead magnet through paid ads, and publishing SEO-optimized content to help leads find you.

If you implement these strategies, you can expect to see an increase in the number of leads your business receives every month. To ensure the success of your lead generation marketing, we recommend you contact us for a free consultation to find out your best options to build successfully your lead lists.

If you have any questions about lead generation marketing or need the help of a professional digital marketer, feel free to reach out to us. Our expert marketers will be happy to help!

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